• Social Media Post Sizes

    2020 – 2021 Social Media Image Sizes

    Need to quickly check the latest sizes for social media posts and headers? We have a quick guide right here: Recommended Facebook image sizes for 2020-2021: Facebook profile picture size: 180 x 180 Facebook cover photo size: 820 x 462 Facebook link [...]

  • The Challenges of Demonetization

    As you may already know, the Indian government recently banned its two most important bills (currency) in an effort to combat corruption. Holders of the currency must exchange their money by year's end to receive newly minted bills. The term for this abrupt and dramatic maneuver [...]

  • Unwind

    Competition drives our daily existence. From the products we buy, to finding a parking spot in the mall to the way we earn our money, our competitive nature leads our lives regardless of our thoughts on the matter. Sometimes, we need a break from our innate [...]


The highest art form of all is a human being in control of himself and his airplane in flight, urging the spirit of a machine to match his own.

— Richard Bach, A Gift Of Wings, 1974.

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